2017 Dates

Intake 1: Starts 6 February
Intake 2: Starts 10 April
Intake 3: Starts 12 June
Intake 4: Starts 14 August
Intake 5: Starts 16 October

If you have missed the Intake start and wish to enrol before the next one, we are happy to oblige!  You can either aim to catch up or you can set your own schedule for assessment hand-in.  Alternatively, you can contact us with an expression of interest for the next Intake and we can send you a reminder when it is time to enrol.

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Payment Options

You can pay by any of the options below:

  • Direct credit - Kiwibank account, Building Biology and Ecology Institute 38-9016-0000698-00. Please email to advise when transaction completed. 
  • Visa/Mastercard secure online payment (via PAYPAL see below).
  • To pay for multiple modules,  select your first choice and add to cart,  this will open in a new PAYPAL window,  then return to this page and select your next option and repeat.  
Core Modules (tutored)