Principles for a Sustainable, Healthy and Harmonious Built Environment

The BBE has 30 Principles to guide you to a better way of designing, building and living in buildings.  They are divided into three categories - sustainable building, healthy building and harmonious living - making a truly holistic manifesto for eco building and lifestyle.  Read these Principles and see how well your home, your lifestyle, your work and your neighbourhood live up to them!   

30 Principles pdf


Information Sheets 

The following information sheets introduce you to some of the main concepts of healthy and sustainable building, as well as provide practical tips on how to make your living environment better for you and the environment.  More Information Sheets are to be developed in the next few months.

Living Stress pdf

Healthy Indoor Climates pdf

Reducing Construction Waste

Tips for a Healthy Bedroom pdf

Bio Harmonic Design pdf



The Sustainable Home Guidelines

The Sustainable Home Guidelines were produced by the Waitakere City Council in conjunction with the Building Biology and Ecology Institute in the 1990s.  They are packed with practical information on Sustainable Building that has withstood the test of time.   The material is divided into 4 sections covering Energy, Materials, Sustainable Design and Water.  If you wish to copy or re-use the information please acknowledge the source.


Design for the Sun pdf

Heating Your Home pdf

Heating Water pdf

Household Appliances pdf

Insulation pdf

Light and Lighting pdf


Building Materials pdf

Earth Building pdf

Materials Assessment pdf

Paint pdf

Plastics pdf

Timber pdf

Sustainable Design

Avoiding Construction Waste pdf

Building in the Bush pdf

Household Safety pdf

Site Earthworks pdf


Gardening With Water pdf

Saving Water pdf

Using Rainwater pdf

Wastewater pdf