Please register your interest below, as this will help us establish where the demand is, and whether there are sufficient numbers for a workshop.  If you have a group of interested people with 4-6 projects, we can arrange a date to suit you.  

Next Workshops:  

  • Wellington - 6-7 April 2019

  • Auckland - 2019 dates TBC

Workshop Categories

There are two ways of participating in the workshop, these are either with or without a project.  Coming along without a project, you get to observe and also take part in the design sessions, learn the design process and gather information. Attending with a project, you get to develop your design ideas over the weekend and also gather all the information.  After the workshop you take your sketch/concept design away. 

Without a project:

  • Observe and also take part in the design sessions

  • Learn about the design process

  • Gather information and make clear decisions

With a project and your own section/land

  • Develop your design ideas specific to your site including a concept permaculture plan.

  • Learn about the design process, actively engage in your own design sketches.

  • Gather information and make clear decisions

  • Completed sketch/concept design of your home and your land

  • Take your sketch/concept design away

With a project and no section

  • All of 2 above but your land is theoretical.

  • We design your ideal section/site with you during the workshop. The theoretical site is a perfect way to manifest a real site in the future. Participants have given their "sketch" site plan to Real Estate agents who then have found similar sections to view.

Workshop fees

Single participating "without a project"   NZD $200*
Single participating "with a project"   NZD $800*
Family or Couple participating "without a project"   NZD $335*
Family or Couple participating "with a project"   NZD $800*
Site Visit including analysis report,  within 30 minute drive of your site from the venue  NZD $600*

*NOTE  1) All fees are inclusive of GST.  2) Site visits generally within a 30 minute drive from the venue are included in the fee and greater travel is charged at $0.77/km   This is negotiable.

Register Your Interest

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We can set up a workshop specifically for your community project, village or other buildings and infrastructure. A minimum of 5 projects is required. Please outline your project or ideas for a workshop below:

Payment Options

Once a workshop date and location has been confirmed, you can pay by any of the options below.  We recommend that you do not pay until advised to do so.

  • Direct credit - Kiwibank account, Building Biology and Ecology Institute 38-9016-0000698-00. Please email office@bbe.org.nz to advise when transaction completed.

  • Visa/Mastercard secure online payment (via EventBrite see below).

Remember by the end of the weekend you will have developed, with the help of the facilitator designers and architects a scaled sketched concept plan of your new eco home with a permaculture plan of your section!
Many times, these concept sketches have literally been drafted up into construction and building consent documents directly after the workshop!
Participants have attended without a site, then designed a site (and a house) over the weekend and started handing out copies of the site plan to real estate agents saying “this is what we want”

Copyright 1998 Alex Greig and BBE
This Workshop was designed by Alex Greig in 1998, mainly as a way bring all his clients together to share ideas about their projects and learn all the BBE ideas in one concentrated weekend.  Previous to the workshop Alex spent many individual design sessions with clients over many evenings.  The workshop has become a big win - for Alex, now able to have more family time, and for his clients, who get a much more cost effective and fun design process.